CRDVCentre de Réception des Demandes de Visa (French: Reception Center for Visa Applications; Canada)
CRDVCentre de Rééducation pour Déficients Visuels (French: Rehabilitation Center for Visually Impaired)
CRDVCommittee for the Rescue and Development of Vieques
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Rather, the problem from at least the CRDV's point of view is that the wildlife refuge has been created due to an accident of history (i.e.
Any bombing since 1969 could have dispersed these chemical agents into the surrounding environment (CRDV 2002).
"At the end of the summer, CRDV offered me a job in UV and IR spectroscopy to develop new methods for the analysis of explosives.
Following the addition of other courses at the Center of Professional Advancement in NJ, such as one course using a thermo balance to decompose explosives, I became responsible for chemical analysis using instrumental apparatus at CRDV for 34 years.
"The only good thing about (Clinton forming a commission) is that it shows that Clinton knows that there's an island named Vieques," says CRDV spokesman Ismael Guadalupe.
In addition, in 1994 the Committee for the Rescue and Development of Vieques testified in Congress in favor of a bill to return the western lands to local control; two years later the Committee collaborated with Columbia University's Urban Technical Assistance Project to publish a western land use plan detailing residential, agricultural and conservation zones (UTAP and CRDV 1996).
Concerned that years of work might be lost in the heat of election-year politics, the CRDV and key Puerto Rico advisors held a press conference in September to call for the plan to be approved and put into action.