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CREASECatalog of Resources for Education in Ada and Software Engineering
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He saw open pasture country, intersected with wooded canons, descending to the south and west from his feet, crease on crease and roll on roll, from lower level to lower level, to the floor of Petaluma Valley, flat as a billiard-table, a cardboard affair, all patches and squares of geometrical regularity where the fat freeholds were farmed.
I--I should like to settle them with Eddy first, if you please,' said Rosa, plaiting the crease in her dress.
I noticed Irfan was leaving his crease earlier than he should be when my bowling partner, Muhammad Imran Senior, was bowling.
The degree of crease was not compared to severity of ASCVD.
A front crease offers a slimming look making legs appear longer.
15 it is legal for a bowler to run out a non-striker, who has strayed outside the crease after he has started his run up.
The physical properties of treated fabric of dry crease recovery angle, tear strength and tensile strength after a domestic wash were also evaluated.
Then drag an awl or screwdriver along the straightedge to crease the metal.
The French Revolution, argues Crease, set the stage for the first worldwide system of measurement.
Crease, who has been in charge of the Wee Gers on four separate occasions, walked in the wake of the 4-0 Scottish Cup hammering at the hands of Deveronvale.