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He saw open pasture country, intersected with wooded canons, descending to the south and west from his feet, crease on crease and roll on roll, from lower level to lower level, to the floor of Petaluma Valley, flat as a billiard-table, a cardboard affair, all patches and squares of geometrical regularity where the fat freeholds were farmed.
'I--I should like to settle them with Eddy first, if you please,' said Rosa, plaiting the crease in her dress.
He had on a brand-new uniform showing the creases where it had been folded and thick gold epaulettes which seemed to stand rather than lie down on his massive shoulders.
The Dual Heavy Duty Unit delivers better crease quality, even on materials with a high recycled material content.
'My thanks to @KumarSanga2 for a fantastic meeting and his commitment to working with #Commonwealth to deliver Peace at the Crease,' Patricia Scotland has said in her Tweet.
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While the crease doesn't look that bad, ( Android Central noted just how it can't be unseen once it is seen.
It is in the rules if the batsman goes out of his crease then you can whip the bails off.
When Ashwin dismissed Buttler, he was seen saying that he was just defending his half of the crease and the batsman cannot evade it.
The longest innings ever in Test cricket by our own Hanif Mohammad, who made 337 in a Test at Barbados against the West Indies in the 1957-58 series, may not have been possible if he had not put himself to the test of temperament and skill and with it the concentration to last more than three days to stay at the crease and then achieve a drawn Test.
The Easy Pants Crease Care also reduces behind-the-knee creases on pants and can even leave a crisp line down the center of each leg for a sharp finish.