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CREATECenter for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events
CREATEConsortium to Respond Effectively to the AIDS-TB Epidemic (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)
CREATECenter for Research in Electronic Art Technology (Santa Barbara, CA)
CREATECentre for Research, Education and Training in Energy (Wigan, England, UK)
CREATEConsortium for Research on Educational Access, Transition and Equity (international development network)
CREATEChicago Regional Environmental and Transportation Efficiency
CREATECentre for Research in Employment and Technology in Europe (UK)
CREATECentre for Research in Educational Applications of Telematics
CREATECultural Resources to Educate and to Empower
CREATECenter for Reproductive Excellence Using Assisted Technology and Endocrinology
CREATEComputational Resources for Engineering & Training & Education
CREATECombat Readiness Analysis Team Effort
CREATECommunity Resource Educational Assistance Team
CREATECustomer Relations Enhancement Activity Team
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Then, sculptors used the model's measurements to create a metal "skeleton."
The objective was to create a paperless system to monitor and coordinate resident care and minimize human error.
Speakers at the hearing were optimistic that changes could be made to simplify the system and simultaneously create a system that distributes aid more equitably.
What makes the Excel linking function extraordinarily convenient is that once you invest the time to create a connection, you never have to do it again: It functions instantly for the life of the file without further prompting.
In particular, and have recently deployed the Zazzle Create-a-Product API and their customers can now create and order branded mugs, t-shirts, and real U.S.
To create a context of contemporary change in the classroom, a written assignment was structured to mimic a characteristic of complexity theory.
The final lesson that I learned was the need to create an alias name for the server.
Any shapes formed in the interchangeable items are molded, not stitched to create interesting shapes without adding to the piece cost or affecting part durability.
If enough excess energy remains in the newly formed exciton, its electron can create yet another exciton, and so on.
Con don to create a garden that will flourish and be easy to maintain without the use of pesticides or fertilizers.
Lacking the natural affinities that led the original 13 states to create a constitutional republic, the USNA would likely be held together only through corrupt alliances among ruling elites, backed by undisguised force.