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CREATECenter for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events
CREATEConsortium to Respond Effectively to the AIDS-TB Epidemic (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)
CREATECenter for Research in Electronic Art Technology (Santa Barbara, CA)
CREATECentre for Research, Education and Training in Energy (Wigan, England, UK)
CREATEConsortium for Research on Educational Access, Transition and Equity (international development network)
CREATEChicago Regional Environmental and Transportation Efficiency
CREATECentre for Research in Employment and Technology in Europe (UK)
CREATECentre for Research in Educational Applications of Telematics
CREATECultural Resources to Educate and to Empower
CREATECenter for Reproductive Excellence Using Assisted Technology and Endocrinology
CREATEComputational Resources for Engineering & Training & Education
CREATECombat Readiness Analysis Team Effort
CREATECommunity Resource Educational Assistance Team
CREATECustomer Relations Enhancement Activity Team
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In addition, websites have the ability to create product templates allowing them to incorporate their logo or additional default designs on the products.
Instead of calling Child Protective Services (CPS), she first contacted the child's extended family to create a plan to support the child, hold the aggressor accountable and support the aggressor's rehabilitation.
A lot of times I will create a little getaway with an arbor, fruit trees and seating,'' he says.
Late last year, the Service issued final regulations (TD 9107, 12/31/03), addressing capitalization of costs to acquire or create an intangible asset.
The final regulations require capitalization of (i) an amount paid to acquire any intangible; (ii) an amount paid to create certain but not all intangibles; (iii) an amount paid to create or enhance a "separate and distinct intangible asset"; and (iv) an amount paid to create or enhance a "future benefit," but only under certain circumstances.
Many professional development opportunities present ways to create and maintain the new mandates (Lieberman & Miller, 1999).
Finally, the time needed to create a note using PowerNote is only slightly longer than dictating the same document.
From a productivity standpoint, IT managers and users alike want to be able to create this image without taking the system offline -- they want to create the image while the user is still doing productive work.
Multimedia is the use of various tools, such as digital cameras, digital videocameras, scanners, laser printers, laptops, and a plethora of software to create mini-movies, TV announcements, Web page projects and 3D images on a computer.
To create a sustainable development in our region, we need to consider planning low impact land use to preserve natural beauty.