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CREBcAMP (Adenosine 3'5' Cyclic Monophosphate) Response Element Binding Protein
CREBcAMP Responsive Element Binding (protein)
CREBCalgary Real Estate Board
CREBClean Renewable Energy Bond
CREBComité Régional d'Equitation de Bretagne (French: Regional Riding Committee of Britain)
CREBCommercial Real Estate Banking (Bank of America)
CREBCertified Real Estate Broker
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Figure 1 shows representative fluorescent bands obtained after immunoblotting using a western blot assay for total CREB (tCREB), pCREB, and [alpha]-tubulin in the brain structures.
This effect may be attributed to the suppression of GnRH receptor expression in the pituitary and downstream transcription factor c-Jun, Egr-1, Elk-1, and CREB expression in PKC-MAPK and cAMP-PKA signaling transduction pathways by mifepristone.
Greenberg, "Coupling of the RAS-MAPK pathway to gene activation by RSK2, a growth factor-regulated CREB kinase," Science, vol.
Immunostaining showed that VEGF, Flk-1, CREB, and PKC proteins were mainly expressed in GCL, INL, and outer nuclear layer (ONL).
The paricalcitol-induced EP4 activation mediated phosphorylation of Akt and CREB and inhibited phosphorylation and nuclear translocation of p65 NF-[kappa]B in in vitro and in vivo models.
Subpart (a) is the result of BDNF and CREB mRNA expression; subpart (b) is the expression levels of pERK, ERK, pCREB, and CREB proteins.
The membrane was blocked using nonfat milk powder and incubated with rabbit anti-monkey CREB primary antibody (1: 500, LSBio) at 4[degrees]C overnight.
Phosphorylation of CREB at the Ser133 site is known to play an important role in regulating the memory process.
Intrathecal injection of cAMP response element binding protein (CREB) antisense oligonucleotide attenuates tactile allodynia caused by partial sciatic nerve ligation.