CREBAChamber of Real Estate and Builders Associations (Philippines)
CREBACommunity Research Ethics Board of Alberta (Alberta, Canada)
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Gorayeb is a 10-termer CREBA national president and has served five prior terms as chairman, earning him inclusion in the Chamber's Hall of Fame.
According to Creba, the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) raised in 2011 the threshold of VAT-exempt transactions for sales of house and lot packages from P2.
Still, the death of Jane Creba stands out in my mind as a watershed event, first because it occurred the day after Christmas--my family's favourite day of the year--and secondly, because minutes after Creba was lying dead on Yonge Street and ambulances were arriving by the dozen, shoppers continued to hunt for bargains, unfazed by what had just happened and heedless of the implications.
For the International Realtors Conference and Regional Leadership Summit, CREBA and NAR aim to gather real estate industry leaders and practitioners from all over Asia and the Middle East.
Although CREBA estimates that this figure may even be understated, it foresees that 500,000 units a year must be built within the next 20 years if we are to dramatically address, if not totally wipe out, the huge housing problem.
7 million units as of 2016,' Creba national president Charlie A.
CREBA believes that any alternative mode of compliance to the socialized housing quota must be geared towards actual addition to the housing stock to help ease the supply and demand gap.
CREBA, however, reiterated the country must continue to pursue relevant market reforms in order to remain competitive.
It is the poor who suffer most when opportunities for socialized housing are not available, according to Creba president Charlie Gorayeb.
or CREBA has, for more than four decades, been at the forefront of ensuring that every Filipino family will not only have a "roof above their heads" but a "home they can call their own.
Only a full-fledged department can consolidate government efforts to attain our national housing goals with a Housing Secretary clothed with ample powers, functions and corresponding administrative accountabilities implementing a clear and sustainable housing vision,' Creba national president Charlie A.
In its omnibus DHUD bill version in 2001, CREBA clearly indicated under Sections 13, 14 and 15, the creation of a Centralized Home Financing Program (CHFP), the operationalization of a Securitization Program and the establishment of a Housing & Urban Development (HUD) Fund taking into account the above-stated fund sources that shall be devoted solely for housing production and finance, and which funds shall not be used for the administrative or operational cost of the Department or any of its attached corporations or agencies