CREBAChamber of Real Estate and Builders Associations (Philippines)
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Carino said that the already heavily taxed and highly regulated housing industry must be spared from any new taxes, the two CREBA leaders appealed to lawmakers to preserve the status quo on VATable housing packages to provide the millions of yet homeless citizens of the country an equal chance to a dignified quality of life through decent and affordable housing.
These thresholds, Creba said, were based on 2011 economic conditions and the consumer price index.
Discounts are available for CREBA members, government personnel, and DLSU alumni.
In a statement, CREBA national chairman Charlie Gorayeb said House Bill (HB) 4886, which seeks to create the CHFP, is a necessary move to address the country's 6.57 million housing backlog.
Still, the death of Jane Creba stands out in my mind as a watershed event, first because it occurred the day after Christmas--my family's favourite day of the year--and secondly, because minutes after Creba was lying dead on Yonge Street and ambulances were arriving by the dozen, shoppers continued to hunt for bargains, unfazed by what had just happened and heedless of the implications.
CREBA spokesman Carlos Nocon said that in addition to high interest rates, the industry is saddled with high inventories.
But Tagle said Creba was also drafting a position paper to air their concerns about the moratorium's impact on landowners as well as low-cost housing projects.
Creba National Chairman Charlie AV Gorayeb said House Bill (HB) 4886 is urgent and necessary had the national government been serious in addressing the country's 6.57 million dwelling backlog due to lack of housing programs over the years.
III: Georgina Katherine Chappell, Caroline Anne Creba, Justine Louise Martin, Sarah Elizabeth Hankinson, Julie Samantha Wallbank.
(Creba) agree with you totally that provision for housing, especially for the poor and homeless low-income earners in the country, has suffered tremendously in terms of funding allocation for many decades.
He is a Fellow of the United Architects of the Philippines, the country's leading association for architects, and is a past president of the Chamber of Real Estate Brokers Associations (CREBA) and Rotary Club of Makati East.