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Scoville's first chapter examines Thomas, known as the Doubter, who elegantly but compassionately demonstrates the limits of temporal wisdom by excoriating the hearsay reports of the Resurrection from his fellow with his "non credam" credo.
Though the Houyhnhnms of Book 4 are rationalists of a different stripe from the Laputians of Book 3, they too are strangers to the world of intellego ut credam or even of credo ut intelligam.
John Paul II's encyclical Fides et Ratio identifies a twofold direction in human understanding: from theology to philosophy (Chapter 2: Credo ut intellegam) and from philosophy to theology (Chapter 3: Intellego ut credam).
Atque ideo frugique animorum acrisque iuventae insignem prius exquirunt, tum deinde salubri disponunt habilem ventura ad munia victu dilutique mero Bacchi, licet humida vina ipse parum credam succis differre cicutae in puero, nisi septenis iam solibus actis decoxit tenera conceptum actate fluorem.
Mas que el credo quia absurdum de Tertuliano, nos encontramos con el credo ut intelligam, intelligo ut credam de Agustin.