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CREDOSCrosswind-Reduced Separations for Departure Operations (aviation; EU)
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Credo argues that economics as it is taught at universities today (and largely has been for many decades), is based on premises that prevented it from achieving its actual function, given the profound economic, financial and ecological crises the world is currently facing.
Other implicit credos might be characterized as Pavlovian or Maslovian.
Robert Wood Johnson, the company leader for 50 years, wrote a credo in the mid-1940s that outlined the corporation's beliefs and responsibilities (the entire credo can be found on its Web site,
Bankruptcy-threatened Kia - bailed out by a pounds 200 million Korean Government loan - will launch the Ford Mondeo-sized Credos saloon here next summer.
He distinguishes three ~credos' - Credo One, the punitive degradation of offenders; Credo Two, an emphasis on the management themes of pragmatism, efficiency, and expediency; and Credo Three, the cluster of liberal and humanitarian values.