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These were the prime in order and in might; The rest were long to tell, though far renown'd, Th' IONIAN Gods, of JAVANS Issue held Gods, yet confest later then Heav'n and Earth Thir boasted Parents; TITAN Heav'ns first born With his enormous brood, and birthright seis'd By younger SATURN, he from mightier JOVE His own and RHEA'S Son like measure found; So JOVE usurping reign'd: these first in CREET And IDA known, thence on the Snowy top Of cold OLYMPUS rul'd the middle Air Thir highest Heav'n; or on the DELPHIAN Cliff, Or in DODONA, and through all the bounds Of DORIC Land; or who with SATURN old Fled over ADRIA to th' HESPERIAN Fields, And ore the CELTIC roam'd the utmost Isles.
Creet, Julia (2011) "Introduction: the migration of memory and memory of migration".
(16) See Julia Creet, Director and Producer, "Data Mining the Deceased: Ancestry and the Business of Family" (HD 56 mins, 2016).
Set up in 2004, the Jeddah-based Creet Contracting is a specialist in the field of industrial, high-end commercial, residential complex, hotels and electro-mechanical projects covering stages from development, feasibility, design, engineering, project management to the execution and turnkey handing over.
"How and where we lock up a life indefinitely," Creet asserts, "will define how that life is read in the future and the past." (316) Other essays in this section discuss the responsibilities of researchers to seek out underused archives, to ask themselves questions about how and why they determine what materials are significant, and to recognize the way in which the story an archive tells is always a function of the act of interpretation.
These are preceded by an introduction by Julia Creet which attempts to situate the chapters within the general context of the migration of memory and the memories of migration.
Creet, Julia (1995) 'Anxieties of identity: coming out and coming undone', in Monica Dorenkamp and Richard Henke (eds) Negotiating Lesbian and Gay Subjects.
In Saturday's episode, watched by 7.7million viewers, the nine-year-old starred as Creet, an orphan caught up in the Doctor's battle to save the human race in the far future.
There are many ways to wiggle out of the disciplinary straitjackets that we weave for ourselves, and I understand that the consistent complaint of many of the respondents on the previous 2007 ACCUTE panel on "Why Should I Write Like That?" (especially Heather Murray, Kit Dobson, Len Findlay, and Julia Creet) was the problem of disciplinary constraints on writing.
He says, "such a principle, even as it creates itself, compels the body in which it resides to move itself (dum seipsum creet, compellat corpus in quo est, ut moveatur ipsum)" (Synt., pt.