CREIACalifornia Real Estate Inspection Association (Palm Springs, CA)
CREIAChinese Renewable Energy Industries Association
CREIACreative Real Estate Investors Association
CREIACarolina Real Estate Investor's Association (Asheville, NC)
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Gary DeWitt, a Certified CREIA Inspector demonstrates how to test GFCIs in this online video:
According to the CREIA, wind power generation in 2010 only reached 50 TW•h, lower than that of the US despite China's greater installed capacity.
Para ello afirma que, si tuviera que resumir brevemente su experiencia de Japon, diria lo siguiente: <<Yo, que pensaba en 1966 que iba a llevar a Cristo a Japon, estoy convencido en 2001 de que ni yo tenia entonces del todo al Cristo que creia llevar a alli, ni acabo de tenerlo ahora.
In a report called Wind Force 12--jointly launched by the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA), the Chinese Renewable Energy Industry Association (CREIA) and Greenpeace--it was demonstrated that by 2020 wind power can deliver 12 percent of the world's electricity, develop into an annual EUR75 billion business and create close to two million jobs.
"Ya creia que habiamos terminado con eso," I would say gravely ("I thought we had finished with that").