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CREPConservation Reserve Enhancement Program
CREPCentre de Ressources Éducatives et Pédagogiques (French: Center for Teaching and Learning Resources; Canada)
CREPCancer Risk Evaluation Program (healthcare)
CREPCenter for Russian Environmental Policy (Moscow, Russia)
CREPContract Repair Enhancement Program
CREPCounseling and Related Educational Programs
CREPConservation and Environmental Program
CREPCourt Referral Education Programs
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It looks foolish enough NOW, in the daytime; but I says to myself, there's my two poor boys asleep, 'way up stairs in that lonesome room, and I declare to goodness I was that uneasy 't I crep' up there and locked 'em in!
When I come in to light your fire this mornin' I crep' up to your bed an' pulled th' cover back careful to look at you.
Producers interested in applying for CRP continuous practices, including those under existing CREP agreements, or who want to extend their contract, should contact their USDA service center by August 23.
By coupling conservation initiatives with landowner incentives, CREP has been able to achieve large-scale restoration of natural areas on private lands to stabilize soil, improve water quality, and support wildlife (Allen 2005).
These equations were used to extrapolate findings to the entire Cannonsville Watershed, from which the potential benefits of CREP vis-a-vis stream P loadings were quantified.
CREP's FTL report was built from classroom observation, surveys, interviews, and audit reports.
In a group of 36 patients, those who were randomized to participate in CREP showed significantly greater skill acquisition in the target areas than those who had supportive therapy during the study period, according to Dr.
A major focus for CREP is to address the educational mission and scientific standards of the No Child Left Behind legislation.
The CREP program's goal is to retire 100,000 acres (40,400 hectares) of stream and sinkhole riparian areas from agricultural production.
The CREP allows federal, state and local governments to work with citizens.
Potential sites for Iowa CREP wetlands are located where it is feasible to intercept agricultural tile drainage in a constructed or restored wetland without interfering with the drainage rights of nearby lands.