CREQConnection Request
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Base/Filler Chemical Composition (% by Weight) metal C% Cr% Ni% Mo% Mn% Si% Fe% Creq AISI410 0.127 11.94 0.2 0.0109 0.755 0.38 B ER 309L 0.03 20.4 72.9 -- 2.85 0.22 1.1 Base/Filler Chemical Composition (% by Weight) metal Nieq Creq /Nieq AISI410 -- -- -- ER 309L 20.73 76.125 0.27 Cr eq & Ni eq estimated from Shaeffler-Delong diagram assuming N=0.03wt%.
The distributions of the final von Mises stress (creq.) on the XZ half plane of symmetry of PET-hemp fiber composite membranes also known as the median line of the structure is given in Fig.
A node requests for certificate by sending out CREQ messages to at least k shareholders.
MOCA certification protocol allows a node requesting certification services to broadcast certification request packets (CREQ).
* Disk handling of 'flush' message on primary host: tapdisk process block-client write 'creq' (RIII)
construction starts according to the latest Commercial Real Estate Quarterly (CREQ), especially in higher-end suburban markets.
Findings from the 1992 Generation survey carried out by Creq in 1997 among young people exiting the French school system indicates that work-related disparities encountered by young labor market entrants in France can be characterized according to the worker's gender.
CN telecast a CREQ Cover REQuest regularly, they check the nodes are active or sleep.C2 are high level nodes and C3 are low level nodes combined to form a CH (cluster head ) each shares the CREQ and maintain log of each nodes.
Commercial Real Fatate Quarterly (CREQ), published by the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS[R], reports in a survey of tire 54 largest MSAs in the country, Phoenix has the highest percentage of total office construction starts, 6.5 percent, and the second highest retail occupancy rate, 7.8 percent.
The National Association of Realtors[R] Commercial Real Estate Quarterly (CREQ) reports while Boston's current office occupancy is below average compared to the 54 largest metro areas in the country, it is predicted to rise during the next two years.
While the Northern New Jersey office and retail markets have occupancy rates lower than the average rates of 54 major metropolitan areas in the United States, a National Association of REALTORS[R] Commercial Real Estate Quarterly (CREQ) report predicts this figure is on the rise.
On the brighter side, the CREQ report ranks Baltimore office occupancy sixth highest out of the 54 major markets surveyed.