CRESHCenter for Remote Enterprise System Hosting (Dakota State University; Madison, SD)
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For example, one could attempt to estimate the parameters of a CRESH function of capital and labour inputs by age.
The fuzzy CES function in Prskawetz and Fent (2004) is replaced here by a CRESH function of labour inputs distinguished by age:
Restrictions exist on the range of values of the % that yield a unique solution for the CRESH function (Hanoch 1971).
In applying the CRESH function we assume that the degree of flexibility of workers varies with their age.
It would also have been desirable to parameterise the CRESH function such that workers in adjacent age groups are better substitutes than are workers further away in age.
2) For a discussion of CRESH functions, see Hanoch [9].
Since announcing the CRESH hosting program in March, the demand and interest has been phenomenal," said John Webster, project director at CRESH.
CRESH will operate as an academic application service provider (ASP).
Thanks to CRESH and PeopleSoft On Campus, there's a new option for Wilmington College to offer our students hands-on experience with the latest, industry-leading Human Capital Management software within a matter of months and at a fraction of the cost.
CRESH brings the merits of the On Campus program - and the use of enterprise systems in the classroom - to higher education institutions across the country.