CRESOCertified Radiation Equipment Safety Officer (New York)
CRESOComplesso Radar Eliportato per la Sorveglianza (Italian heliborne battlefield surveillance radar)
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75% of the equity of LMC will be held by C3 Capital Partners, Larry Buffington (who will also serve as the President and CEO of LMC), and CRESO Capital Partners (the financial advisor in the transaction).
Italian CRESO (Complesso Radar Eliportato per la Sorveglianza) and associated ground stations.
Canada Space-based radar ground MTI France HORIZON and ground stations Germany Interoperable exploitation work station Italy CRESO and ground stations Nc3a/shape Alliance ground surveillance (AGS) simulations Norway Mobile Tactical Operations Center United Kingdom ASTOR and Ground Stations United States Platforms: Joint STARS U-2, ASARS, Predator, and Global Hawk Ground Stations: Common Ground Station (CGS)/Joint Services Workstation (JSWS), Moving Target Indicator Exploitation (MTIX) Workstation