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CRESTEDNickname for HQ USAF Programs
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Chris Kopf has seen firsthand the high demand for Crested Butte luxury homes and believes that this trend is likely to continue.
* Great crested newts have dark grey-brown backs and flanks, and are covered with darker coloured spots so that they appear almost black in colour.
This is a big problem for Gunnison County where the big economic drivers are Crested Butte Ski Area, Gunnison/Crested Butte Airport, Western State College and agriculture.
Earlier this week, two crested ibises hatched successfully from eggs laid by Yang Yang.
Mei Mei was born on April 10, 1999 at a crested ibis preservation center in China's Shaanxi Province, while Yu Yu was born in Japan in May that year to Yang Yang and You You, both given by Chinese President Jiang Zemin to Emperor Akihito when he visited Japan in 1998.
The objectives of this study were to determine the genetic variability within broad-based populations of diploid crested wheatgrass, tetraploid crested wheatgrass, and western wheatgrass for ash concentration, [Delta], and canopy temperature and to determine the utility of these traits as criteria for selecting plants with improved WUE.
Although crested wheatgrass is generally considered a beneficial introduction, there are several, often overlooked factors that do not have immediate economic impact but may create a significant long-term decline in biological diversity and soil resource sustainability.
But in winter, when an average of 225 inches of snow falls on this old mining town, Crested Butte is a 287-mile drive from Aspen over snowbound mountain passes.
While gliding near the water, its crested head might act as a rudder for the large-wingspan animal.
A crested ibis chick hatched Thursday morning at a sanctuary on Sadogashima Island, Niigata Prefecture, becoming the sixth chick born at the center this year, the prefectural government announced.