CRETHCentre de Ressources et d'Evaluation de Technologies pour Les Personnes Handicapées (Resource Center and Evaluation of Technologies for People with Disabilities; Belgium)
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Creth and Faith !larders, "Thirty Academic Research Libraries Report Their ...
Another definition of competencies defines them as "observable behaviors that reflect knowledge, skills and attitudes learned by individual staff" (Mason, Creth, & Wetherbee, 2001, p.
Creth has directed the UI's 12 campus-wide libraries since 1987.
Creth's article, "Creating a Virtual Information Organization: Collaborative Relationships Between Libraries and Computer Centers," originally published in the Journal of Library Administration and reproduced in this volume, was distributed to all Institute participants in advance of their attendance.
Sheila Creth's keynote paper addresses the general theme of automation's impact upon library organization.
Creth (1989) noted that the personnel literature from 1939 to the present has consistently dealt with a broad range of issues related to professionalism, job assignments, status and role concerns, credentials, and compensation (p.
Creth and Harders's (1980) 1979 survey of personnel administrators, followed by an Association of Research Libraries (ARL) (1981) survey of library administrators in research libraries, alerted the field to needs for skills in other than traditional areas of librarianship, especially automation, systems analysis, and computer-related competencies.