CRFMCaribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (est. 2003)
CRFMChloroquine-Resistant Falciparum Malaria
CRFMCitizens for Responsible Forest Management (Boulder Creek, CA)
CRFMColumbia River Fish Mitigation (US Army Corps of Engineers)
CRFMCondenser, Radiator and Fan Module (automotive industry)
CRFMCaribbean Network of Fisher Folk Organisations
CRFMClinical Research Finance Manager
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As a result of the agreement, immediate attention will be given to cooperation for sustained support for the Fisheries Early Warning and Emergency Response (FEWER) ICT Solution that had been spearheaded by the CRFM during 2017-18 in the course of the Regional Track of the Pilot Programme for Climate Resilience (PPCR).
The CRFM said FEWER reduces fishers' vulnerability to the impacts of climate change but also allows them to share local ecological knowledge to inform climate-smart fisheries planning and management, decision-making, as well as risk management in the fisheries sector.
The aim is to assess the capacity development interactions of the CNFO, within the system--across an array of activities--to determine, if, or how, these interactions explicitly involved the CRFM and the CCCFP, or had the potential to be beneficial, if there were such interaction.
So currently, as the authors highlight, Martinique can do little to reconcile the conflicting interests between a CARICOM (CRFM) focus on protecting regional fish stocks and employment derived from the fishing industry, and the emphasis of the EU Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) that supports the protection of coastal resources, but at the expense of employment generated by the industry.
It is through a collaboration with heavy-hitting vendors already operating in the DC-area that My crfm is able to bring the consulting program to restaurateurs.
Concerns have been raised that the identification of live versus dead conch could be a potential problem for the TVM described here (CRFM 2013).
(62) For example, the CRFM and OSPESCA have developed a partnership to 'promote joint action for the responsible management of migratory fish stocks in the Caribbean Sea and the progressive incorporation of the CRFM members within the regional framework already in force for the management of the lobster industry in Central America' (CARICOM 2011b).
Hay tres iniciativas importantes para las pesquerias en los Grandes Ecosistemas Marinos en el Caribe (CLME) que son la Red de Organizaciones de Pescadores del Caribe (CNFO), el Mecanismo Pesquero Regional del Caribe (CRFM) y la Politica Comun de Pesca de la Comunidad del Caribe (CCCFP).
A management plan for the sustainable harvesting of flying fish among the islands of the eastern Caribbean has been developed for implementation by the middle of next year according to the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM), reports (July 9, 2012):
CARICOM is in the process of implementing its Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM) to, among other things, protect regional fish stocks and employment derived from the fishing industry.
In the former British colonies, the parallel arrangement has its integrating arrangement (CARICOM), with sub-arrangements for fisheries (CRFM) and the environment (CARPHA).