CRFSCisco Router Firewall Security
CRFSCertified Red Flag Specialist (Identity Management Institute)
CRFSCoherent Remote File System (computing)
CRFSCrash Resistant Fuel System
CRFSCancer-Related Fatigue Syndrome
CRFSCalifornia Recreational Fishery Survey (est. 2004)
CRFSCertified Respiratory Function Scientist (Australia and New Zealand Society of Respiratory Science)
CRFSCommand Resource Formulation System
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Many related models and algorithms have been proposed and applied, such as hidden Markov models (HMMs) [4], conditional random fields (CRFs) [5], Markov decision processes (MDPs) [6], and particle filtering (PF) [7].
They also developed the electronic CRFs and database-generated clinical summary forms which were beta tested by the Registry Nurse Coordinator (H.L.) and her assistant (L.G.).
Concurrent Technologies Corporation The CONSILIO Group Craig Technologies CRFS Ltd.
Further challenges include: (i) Participants insist on selfish enjoyment but their wilful, though mutual consensual behaviour is characterised by a lifestyle of risky practices prone to cause self-impairment through the acquisition of HIV and other STI respectively, and putting in jeopardy their partner's health; (ii) With HIV-naive as well as HIV-infected attendants both local and from abroad and ART-naive as well as ART-experienced participants, the odds of transmitting and blending HIVs with different ART resistance patterns and of different clades resulting in CRFs with higher virulence are enhanced.
further compared the performance of CRF, HMM, SMCRF, and HSMM in the ADL domain, and real data collected in the lab was used [25].
CRFs are objects like bottles and sexual toys that are inserted voluntarily for sexual stimulation [1, 2].
The common models utilized to solve the sequence labeling task include CRFs, maximum-entropy Markov model, and hidden Markov model.
We define a CRF on observations x and random variables Y as follows:
Obesity in childhood is strongly associated with cardiovascular risk factors (CRFs) including dyslipidemia, hyperglycaemia, and hypertension [1].
Controlled-release or slow-release fertilizers (CRFs or SRFs) are also known as enhanced efficiency fertilizers.