CRFVCommittee for Religious Freedom in Vietnam
CRFVCollege Republican Federation of Virginia
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The launching was conducted by public-private partners, the CSC, and the CRFV and was attended by VROs all over the country along with government workers, private sector representatives, and agency heads.
The CRFV, the implementing organization of the VRP, believes that this is the perfect time for the program to go all out, encouraging and challenging all government agencies to respond to this call of national transformation through restoration of Filipino values.
Antonio Aquino, director of CRFV and head of media affairs, said that the assumption of Lina brings a chance for the BOC to redeem its name a the most graft-ridden bureau of the government.
The CRFV, recognized by the Civil Service Commission (CSC), makes it one of its advocacies to ensure a "community marked with character of an honest and righteous environment geared towards a graft-free society."
CRFV director for Special projects and Media affairs Antonio Aquino, a nephew of the late Senator Ninoy Aquino, said that it was Roxas who immedaitely attended to the needs of the relatives of the victims despite having been kept in the dark on what was really happened to the elite commandos.