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CRIBClinical Risk Index for Babies
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CRIBComplete Rest In Bed
CRIBChemical Risk Information Branch
CRIBCampaign for Rights In Breastfeeding
CRIBCard Reader Insertion Board
CRIBCriteria Reference Information Bank
CRIBCooler Really Is Better (baby's room temperature)
CRIBCentre de Recherches Interdisciplinaire en Bioéthique (Belgium)
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Initially, fans thought that the crib was sent to Jenner's house by her old Kim Kardashian.
A crib lasts more than three-and-a-half years and is a modern heirloom with a semiprecious feature, so we priced the product as fairly as possible while offering something safe, beautiful and long-lasting," she said.
People who have bought the crib second hand or sold a crib are also being urged to apply for a modification kit and share their concerns with the purchaser.
The new Regulations include a prohibition on the sale, importation, manufacture or advertisement of traditional drop-side cribs, and the introduction of performance requirements and test methods for accessories and stands used with cribs, cradles and bassinets.
In granting the petition, CPSC initiated a rulemaking to determine: 1) the need for, and appropriate scope of, new regulations; and 2) whether crib bumpers pose a safety hazard to infants.
The commission data revealed that 48 infant deaths between 1985 and 2012 were specifically attributable to crib bumpers, and that 32 of such deaths could have been prevented if a crib bumper had not been used.
The EcoWaste Coalition said it found high levels of lead in the decorative yellow-painted balls of two wooden cribs bought from furniture stores in Maypajo, Caloocan City, and Sta.
nIf your crib has a drop railing, contact the manufacturer to see about an immobiliser.
The old crib was filled with corn for the last time in 1964.
According to the AAP's October policy statement, crib bumpers are decorative only and serve no safety purpose.
We worked fast and smart to get this truly revolutionary crib mattress in stores,” said Laura Sheridan, president of Viva La Brand.
The new law bans the manufacture, sale and resale of cribs with movable side rails.