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CRICConsejo Regional Indígena del Cauca (Spanish: Regional Indigenous Council of Cauca)
CRICCritical Resource Incentive Compacts
CRICCost Reimbursement Incentive Contract(ing)
CRICCentre de Recherche de l'Industrie Cimentière (French: Research Center of the Cement Industry; Belgium)
CRICCentre for Research and Information on Canada
CRICCanons Regular of the Immaculate Conception (religious order)
CRICCentre for Research on Innovation and Competition
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We've seen instances of born go-getters leveraging the CRIC and DEF, and also folks who never thought of challenging the status quo being inspired to take action simply because they saw others do the same, and now had implicit permission to make a difference.
TEI's comments explained that the most "objectionable feature of the proposal is that CRICs will be unable to redeploy funds outside of Canada without satisfying a narrow business purpose test.
The budget proposal has two effects: (1) the paid up capital (PUC) of the shares issued by the CRIC to the parent is adjusted (to prevent future repatriation to the parent via PUC reductions), and (2) the equity contribution from the CRIC to the foreign affiliate will trigger a deemed dividend subject to withholding tax.
Broadly, the exceptions encompass (1) pertinent loans or indebtedness (PLI), which can be excluded from the foreign affiliate dumping provision on an elective basis, subject to the imposition of a prescribed interest income imputation regime; (2) certain corporate reorganizations that do not represent "new" investments in a foreign affiliate; and (3) strategic business expansions, as long as the CRIC documents that the investment satisfies multiple conditions.
Having outlined the conception of conscience which he wants to attribute to Hegel in terms of the performative view of practical reason, and having stated its requirement in terms of the CRIC, Moyar goes on to examine Hegel's criticisms of subjective freedom in order to show that they are specifically directed at the unprincipled 'detachment of belief, as one of the components of ethical action, from the normative status of the complex whole' (82).
Securities and Exchange Commission, CA reported that the property was sold to an investment group managed by CRIC Capital, LLC, a joint venture with Prudential Real Estate Investors, located in Boston, Mass.
The company sold the properties to, and then entered into leases with, CRICSTEAK, LP, an investment partnership owned by CRIC Capital, LLC, located in Boston.
The interim director of research for CRIC, Gina Bishop, said the centre was disappointed by the findings.
Uribe Echavarria added, however, that CRIC organizers had assured him that they could guarantee there would be no blockades.
The 7 centers have begun enrolling men and women who have mild to moderate kidney disease for the CRIC.
Gros (1992, 130) notes that various members of the CRIC committee were "Protestants.
A fully funded initiative has been authorised to incorporate a new PET-MRI scanner into the existing CRIC facility.