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CRIEDCentro Ricerche Istituto Europeo di Design (Italian: Research Center European Institute of Design)
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Men who locked themselves in the cubicles at work after someone ate their lunch and Laura who bravely came on the show to tell us that the last time she cried was last night when she got home to find the cat had been sick on top of the radiator and the heating was on.
About one-fifth of the volunteers cried during the sad film, whether or not they were depressed.
A friend of mine always refers to the fact that I cried at Jurassic Park.
It is perhaps a good test -- the last time we cried, what did we cry for?
British actor Hugh Grant said: "I cried all the way through Shadowlands, particularly at the scene in the field when Anthony Hopkins and the boy are walking.
The boy who fell over Niagara Falls contains most of what has come to be identified with Ader's mature work, especially his witty use of the pared-down poetic metaphor (the sips of water contain the cataract in a glass; the suggestion of the watery falls recapitulates the pratfalls that make up a number of Ader's best projects as well as the tears he cried, and the ocean he drowned in).
Here was a child who cried all week to go home, and he wanted to come back to camp.
Other indications for varying differences are in Bindra's (1972) Canadian study in which 25 men and 25 women were asked to recall a recent occasion when they had cried.
I new that if I cried without having a very good reason, I would be subjected to teasing and name calling.
Eighty-three-year-old Elsie Barker cried day and night.
Crepeau states: "I found that well men and women cried more tears more often than did men and women with ulcers or colitis, two stress-related illnesses.
We talked with one another, cried, prayed, and comforted one another through our grief.