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CRIEDCentro Ricerche Istituto Europeo di Design (Italian: Research Center European Institute of Design)
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While infants like these do cry less as they get older, another study found that "colic babies" still cried four times as much as other kids at age 10 months, says Wolke.
I spoke to one man who said he always cried on a first date.
Photo: Johnny Depp, on horseback, carries a torch for chorus girls Christina Ricci, left, and Cate Blanchett in ``The Man Who Cried.
Magician David Blaine cried after spending 44 days suspended in a Perspex box last year.
The session ended early if a child cried continuously for 7 seconds.
VICTORIA BECKHAM When Posh, known for her reserve, won an award at 2011 British Fashion Awards, she cried on stage.
On the first evening she cried for 40 agonising minutes, on the second for 30 minutes, on the third 15 minutes and on the fourth and thereafter not at all.
The 17-year-old Greggs bakery worker has cried frequently during the audition process and was overcome with emotion when she learned she had made it through to the final.
Men who locked themselves in the cubicles at work after someone ate their lunch and Laura who bravely came on the show to tell us that the last time she cried was last night when she got home to find the cat had been sick on top of the radiator and the heating was on.
Participants were monitored for how much they cried and how sad they looked.
GETHIN JONES - Former Uned Pump presenter bound for Blue Peter: I've cried watching Neighbours - although I think that was when Kylie left.