CRIEPICentral Research Institute of Electric Power Industry
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Higashihara, "Research and development on groundwater dating--establishment and application of a noble gases dissolved in pore waters extraction method for ground water dating," CRIEPI Research Report, 2005 (Japanese), N05065.
Este resultado confirma que el sobrecalentamiento de 150[grados]C no ocasiono la delaminacion del aislamiento (CRIEPI, 1991).
Development of Autonomus demand area power system in CRIEPI. IFAC, Symposium on power plants and power system control 2003.
CRIEPI is a research institute founded in 1951 as a joint research institute of electric power companies in order to pursue scientific truth and create technologies that can contribute to the electric power industry and society.
This study was funded by the Central Research Institute of the Electric Power Industry (CRIEPI) in Japan.
From these backgrounds, Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry (CRIEPI) has developed the optical fiber sensor that can be applied up to 600[degrees]C and the measurement system [8].
Machijima: CRIEPI Report Q04014 (2005) (In Japanese).
Este es el valor limite que el CRIEPI considera como aceptable para que el devanado continue su operacion.
The relatively high amount of Cr in FAP2 was not associated with the flyash, but with the cement, which was one of the components used to form the FAP (CRIEPI, pers.
(1)) Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry (CRIEPI), 2-11-1 Iwado Kita, Komae, Tokyo 201-8511, Japan.
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