CRIIRADCommission de Recherche et d'Information Indépendantes sur la Radioactivité (French: Commission for Research and Independent Information on Radioactivity)
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Regarding the specific issue of contamination, Criirad revels that water available in the cities, drawn from water tables in contact with uranium seams, shows radioactive contamination "10 to 110 times higher that the maximum of 0.1 Becquerel/litre recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) ".
An independent radioactivity information NGO, the Commission de recherches et d'informations independantes sur la radioactivite (CRIIRAD), the plaintiff in the case, which carried out its own tests and published its own maps in 2001, had already pointed the finger at levels of radioactivity significantly higher than those reported by the SCPRI.
The Commission de recherche et d'information independantes sur la radioactivite (CRIIRAD), a private laboratory monitoring radioactivity, believes this pollution problem has been "poorly managed".