CRIMINTCriminal Intelligence
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The organizational structure of CRIMINT personnel must be adapted to allow for the necessary degree of collaboration.
Military police leaders must understand CRIMINT capabilities so that they can lead CRIMINT efforts and use intelligence products in law enforcement operations.
However, CRIMINT analysts, military police Soldiers, and CID agents must each receive the appropriate training.
CRIMINT analysts must receive training on the analytical tools they will be using.
Several current training courses guide the development of future training for CRIMINT analysts, military police Soldiers, and CID agents.
Companies developed CRIMINT cells to collect and analyze information from their sectors.
The Fort Hood Police Department made cutting edge changes in military policing by adopting a professional policing model, conducting police performance management, shifting to the use of CRIMINT, and assigning company sectors to solve garrison policing problems.
Other significant items generated by the S2 and integrated into Iraqi police and CF intelligence pools include CRIMINT products such as crime trend analysis briefs, crime trackers, crime indicators and warnings, and descriptions (profiles) of common victims and locations.
On a nearly monthly basis, S2-generated CRIMINT and intelligence products are shared with vetted Iraqi police leaders to enhance their understanding of the OE and encourage Iraqi police to share intelligence with other Iraqi security force and CF elements.
The ability to collect and analyze the information provided by PTTs and ultimately produce relevant police intelligence and CRIMINT products is essential to the success of the battalion in supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom.
While not all returned to the field to resume duties as a CRIMINT coordinator or investigative operations assistant, many graduates are using the skills and knowledge learned in the course to solve cases and focus investigative resources.
The most important point stressed in the CAPIM Course is that regardless of the software application, techniques, and concepts, true CRIMINT analysis is conducted by the individual analyst.