CRIMINTCriminal Intelligence
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These debriefings were used to plot and track CRIMINT. The platoon discovered dump sites, expended ammunition sites, and animal remains.
The CRIMINT collected during the platoon mission provided key information to DES to plan future patrolling.
Finally, the III Corps PMO and 89th Military Police Brigade will focus on refining the processes, personnel, and products to integrate a CRIMINT analysis capability across the corps.
(3) This article addresses three of these elements that are essential to improved CRIMINT program development--organization, leadership, and training.
The organizational structure of CRIMINT personnel must be adapted to allow for the necessary degree of collaboration.
CRIMINT, which has been successfully used by national and international policing agencies for more than 20 years, is the result of the collection, analysis, and interpretation of all available information concerning known and potential criminal threats and vulnerabilities of supported organizations.
Companies developed CRIMINT cells to collect and analyze information from their sectors.
This data, which is gathered on a weekly basis, is captured in simple, digitized tracking form and forwarded to the S2 for incorporation into CRIMINT products such as crime hotspot overlays and crime trend analyses.
Depending on the nature of the information, PIO products generated by the 91st Military Police Battalion range from PTT patrol debrief rollups (highlighting CRIMINT, atmospherics, threat reporting, and Iraqi police capability assessments) to targeting packages developed to assist Iraqi police in investigating corruption within their ranks.
In October 2002, the concept was developed to train military law enforcement in analyzing police information and develop CRIMINT to assist investigators in the war on crime.
Although the course design was aimed at the entry-level CRIMINT analyst, the concepts, techniques, and practices were new to many of the students.
Tactical MP commanders and their staffs should recognize the value of CRIMINT and police information resources provided by ALE while conducting PIO across the full spectrum of Army operations.