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CRIMPCentre for Research on Introduced Marine Pests (Australia)
CRIMPCommunity Road Improvement and Maintenance Project
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Obviously the two examples are very simple, but complex multipin crimped or soldered connectors can be examined nondestructively for quality without damage.
I have not had any problems with crimping with the factory crimp die and that is why Lee calls it "factory." Why do you think a crimp would be dangerous?
Those of us old enough to remember Elmer Keith's writings may recall his admonition to avoid using brass too many times due to decreasing crimp tension resulting from multiple crimping.
High pressure contact points such as serrations or indentations increase wire deformation and enhance the displacement of the oxide film that contacts the crimp barrel [4].
And even in today's digital age, trade shows such as IBC will continue to play a key role by providing opportunities for visitors to get hands-on with technology, and to ask "awkward questions" of vendors, Crimp suggests, adding: "With the whole industry in one place, it is also the chance to bring technology partners together, to talk through the details of interactivity and interoperability.
What makes Douglas Crimp's Before Pictures so remarkable is not just its subject--the art historian and aids activist's early years leading up to the epoch-defining 1977 exhibition at Artists Space and the pair of titular essays that were so critical to its historicization.
Born in 1944, Crimp grew up in a small town in Idaho, where his prom date was novelist Marilynne Robinson, before escaping to study art and architecture in New Orleans.
This doctoral thesis reads the plays of British playwright Martin Crimp to explore how female collapse, e.g., the breakdown of self in violence, hysteria, or masochism, acts as a form of denunciation of the violence of contemporary relationships.
Douglas Crimp, How to Have Promiscuity in an Epidemic
LISTENING TO RELOADING TALK AT THE gun club, you'd think that crimp is part voodoo, part rocket science.
FOR almost half a century farm fitter Ron Crimp has stayed loyal to his employer.