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CRIPSCentres Régionaux d'Information et de Prévention du Sida (French)
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"I've just come back and we've put together a pitch deck that's around 16,000 pages long, and when I was out there they organised a huge event where for the first time we had the Bloods, Crips and Mexican Mafia leaders all on stage, all saying how if they had something like TryLife when they were younger maybe they would have gone down a different path.
Aside from California, the Tongan Crips are active in Salt Lake City and internationally, including New Zealand, Australia and Canada. 
Rodney FitzGerald, Chief Executive, Walker Crips, said: "We are at an exciting stage in our development as we continue to expand around the UK.
The "5100 Block Riverside Crips" criminal street gang has been in Eugene for the past five years, police Sgt.
It's not often that the "Bloods, the Crips, or the Mafia" are invoked in a story about the ultra Orthodox.
Meeks had previously served time for grand theft and reports suggest that he is a former member of the feared Northside Gangster Crips. ( ANI )
"Gang bangers," like the members of the infamous Bloods and Crips in Los Angeles, live lives defined by violence and violent retribution: a never ending "cycle of death." Few, however, can explain the roots of that cycle, or why they would choose such a life.
While, out of the total 93 active crips only 8 moved up, 60 remained equal and 25 shed values.
Special offers included cut-price chocolate bars sold at checkouts alongside sweets and crips.
12, Raymond "Killa" Gentle, a prominent leader of the Kraal Road Crips Gang, was shot dead at the corner of Baracat Street and Kraal Road while he supervised the construction of a house under the Hurricane Richard Rehabilitation Program.
Hussle is a member of the Rolling 60s set of the notorious Crips. While some of rap's most prominent stars fly bandanas like sports pennants, when Hussle describes his block as, Slauson Ave.