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Estos indices permiten asignar valores a las areas que los taxones habitan, lo que posibilita establecer una jerarquia de prioridades de conservacion donde el area mas importante, y por lo tanto candidata para la conservacion, es la que alberga la mayor biodiversidad, no significando esto el mayor numero de especies, sino el mayor numero de especies evolutivamente unicas (Posadas, Crisci, & Katinas, 2011).
Crisci, Esq., CPA has joined the company as the general manager, chief compliance officer and corporate counsel for all of subsidiary NuGenerex's distribution efforts, including its newly acquired eight pharmacies and laboratory from Veneto Holdings, L.L.C., to lead the company in building an end-to-end solution for pharmacy and health management services, the company said.
Biological collections offer an enormous material to document the changes of habitat fragmentation and degradation (Crisci & Katinas 2017), providing data over a vast time span which in many cases ranging from decades, centuries, or even millions of years ago to the present (Table 1, Suarez & Tsutusui 2004).
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Louis Crisci is excited about sponsoring this unique event and said, "While Screaming Cars has developed our large social following over the last five years, this is our first show, and we look forward to meeting many individuals that we have had the pleasure to know only online." The event expects to see upwards of five thousand attendees and Louis is looking forward to connecting with as many of them as possible.
"Using tandem or multiple crane lifts for positioning of heavy and unbalanced loads can be difficult to synchronize," says Enerpac Global Development Leader Pete Crisci. "The SyncHoist System provides accurate positioning without the need for multiple cranes, enhancing a crane's capability and significantly improving the overall safety and efficiency of the operation."
Paul Crisci, Jason Auerbach, Jasson Cohen and Chris Montgomery.
Morabito M, Crisci A, Vallorani R, Modesti PA, Gensini GF, Orlandini S.
Debido a que es imposible conservar todas las areas y especies, es preciso tomar decisiones que permitan conservar la maxima diversidad posible (Morrone & Crisci, 1992).
The roles of selection and gene flow during speciation--and their inference from genetic data--have been recently and extensively reviewed (Lawton-Rauh, 2008; Nosil et al., 2009; Bird et al., 2012; Crisci et al., 2012; Feder et al., 2012; Nosil and Feder, 2012, 2013; Faria et al., 2014).
Dispersal ability is one of the major important mechanisms structuring the distribution and diversity and biogeographic patterns of species (Morrone and Crisci 1995; Potthoff et al.