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CRISECentre de Recherche et d'Intervention sur le Suicide et l'Euthanasie (French)
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The growing competition among the bourgeois, and the resulting commercial crises, make the wages of the workers ever more fluctuating.
There came one of those hysterical crises that had so often dismayed him.
"Well now, she shouldn't have taken the brooch, Marilla, or told stories about it," he admitted, mournfuly surveying his plateful of unromantic pork and greens as if he, like Anne, thought it a food unsuited to crises of feeling, "but she's such a little thing--such an interesting little thing.
In a drama, and to some extent in other forms of narrative, dramatic power culminates in the ability to bring out the great crises with supreme effectiveness.
"Coeteris paribus, I think we'd better be going," said Penfentenyou, dealer in crises.
It contained that concentrated experience which in great crises of emotion reveals the bias of a nature, and is prophetic of the ultimate act which will end an intermediate struggle.
The weather was breaking up, breaking, broken, and it is a sense of the fit rather than of the supernatural that equips such crises with the salvos of angelic artillery.
Everyone's world is full of friends, relatives, and others, who will give advice on any subject that may be presented to them; but there are crises in life which cannot be left to the amateur.
Such newspapers and documents and histories as survive from this period all tell one universal story of towns and cities with the food supply interrupted and their streets congested with starving unemployed; of crises in administration and states of siege, of provisional Governments and Councils of Defence, and, in the cases of India and Egypt, insurrectionary committees taking charge of the re-arming of the population, of the making of batteries and gun-pits, of the vehement manufacture of airships and flying-machines.
Continuidades e Crises: Pensar um Internacional em Metamorfose
Ce qui nous ramene a dire que la crise n'est pas vecue de la meme maniere par tout le monde.