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CRISESCentre de Recherche Sur Les Innovations Sociales Dans l'Économie Sociale, Les Entreprises et Les Syndicats
CRISESCritical Research Institute for Social and Environmental Sciences
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In contrast, Sandy was both a major and severe crises for affected east coast firms, but had no impact on a firm in Lincoln, Neb.
The apparent lack of school counselor preparation for crisis intervention and scarcity of literature about training of counselors in other settings raise concerns regarding all counselors' preparation to respond to crises effectively.
Now that the team fully understands all that can go wrong, they can begin the process of thinking through ways to take immediate action to keep these risks from becoming crises in the first place.
However, it does not give possible workflow for solving crises in similar organisations.
This chapter identifies four crises that are on the rise in higher education: disruptive fan behavior and celebratory violence, technology disruptions and business continuity, missing student cases, and acts of terrorism.
Symptoms of crises vary across individual and presenting circumstance.
SCCT argues that information about past crises is a significant factor that can affect perceptions of a more recent crisis.
With our backgrounds in teacher education and social psychology, we had instructional and research interests in our student's experiences during international crises that occurred in our societies.
In its two millennia of experience, the Roman Catholic Church has faced, and surmounted, crises beyond number.
The Reebok experience, and the heightened awareness of the possibility of terrorist attacks against American corporations at home and abroad in the wake of September 11, has put CEOs on notice that they have to take personal responsibility for creating a plan to manage potential security crises.
A meaningful plan will provide employees with a sense of confidence that the organization has carefully weighed, analyzed and prepared for the full range of potential crises.