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CRITICCritical Information (US DoD)
CRITICCritical Message (intelligence; US DoD)
CRITICCritical Intelligence Communication (US DoD)
CRITICCritical Intelligence Report
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[Note: The Author desires me to add, that the misconception of some of his critics on this matter has induced him to insert in his dialogue with the Sphere, certain remarks which have a bearing on the point in question, and which he had previously omitted as being tedious and unnecessary.]
In a still more obscure passage he now desires to disavow the Circular or aristocratic tendencies with which some critics have naturally credited him.
I may also add that each of the four stories on their appearance in book form was picked out on various grounds as the "best of the lot" by different critics, who reviewed the volume with a warmth of appreciation and understanding, a sympathetic insight and a friendliness of expression for which I cannot be sufficiently grateful.
As little, I should think, can it matter whether the writer so designated is a man, or a woman, as one or two of my critics profess to have discovered.
Dryden's undoubtedly has much force and real feeling; but he follows to a large extent the artificial rules of the pseudo-classical French tragedies and critics. He observes the 'three unities' with considerable closeness, and he complicates the love-action with new elements of Restoration jealousy and questions of formal honor.
His opinions are judicious; independent, so far as the despotic authority of the French critics permitted, at least honest; and interesting.
The festival's director and film critic, Issam Zakaria, said that Abu Shadi played a great role in establishing and supporting the Ismailia Film Festival.
Critics, Monsters, Fanatics, and Other Literary Essays.
Scott asks himself "what's the point of criticism" and "what are critics good for?" His response: "These are big questions!
Rob Buglass AS a critic, he should be able to take criticism a little better...
The Critics Say...: 57 Theater Reviewers in New York and Beyond Discuss Their Craft and Its Future
"Until somebody is willing to bankroll a lot of women directors, until someone is willing to payroll a critic, change will not happen," Lauzen says.