CRIXClinical Research Information Exchange
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Working collaboratively with Partners HealthCare and CDISC through CRIX, we are exploring innovative methods to improve the information flow about patient experiences with medicines.
CRIX (Clinical Research Information eXchange) International was founded in December 2006 to develop products and services that would accelerate and streamline the interaction between sponsors of new drug products, their business partners, research institutions, academia, and health authorities involved in bringing new therapies to patients throughout the world.
Rosenfeld to the CRIX Board ensures that our organization benefits from a diversity of knowledge, and we look forward to his contributions," said Jim Bland, Executive Director of CRIX International.
We are pleased to partner with CRIX International for the further development of the FIREBIRD application, as well as the development of future solutions and operational support of the CRIX Collaborative Platform," said Lance Converse, CEO of ePharmaSolutions.
Operational since June 2008, the CRIX Collaborative Platform will ultimately provide a suite of services that will offer more efficient clinical work processes; lower operational costs; reduced development expenses; faster and increased access to information; and faster drug development times.
Rathbun will oversee and administer all aspects of technology and architecture for CRIX International.
What we absolutely needed was a platform that could be used across this very broad arena of clinical research that was independent of business processes, legal documentations, intellectual property protections and marketing strategies," said Mark Vermette, product manager for CRIX International.
In 2007, CRIX International was formed and the CRIX project was placed under its jurisdiction.
By teaming up with CRIX International, Liquent will be able to derive the full value of CRIX's MyTeams while offering CRIX's clients a full range of regulatory services, technology, and expertise," said Rick Riegel, Vice President and General Manager of Liquent.
We are very pleased to have Liquent join CRIX and use the MyTeams service," said Jim Bland, Executive Director of CRIX International.
The highly competitive life sciences industry needs to know that the identity of each platform user has been authenticated, and therefore the data shared on the CRIX platform is secure," said Jim Bland, president of CRIX International.
CRIX International - the Clinical Research Information eXchange - today announced that Northrop Grumman will provide support and security services for the CRIX technology platform, a collaborative research environment for the drug development industry.