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Film Critics, Critics' Choice, London Film Critics' Circle, New York Film Critics Circle, plus 25 more from crix orgs
Jared Leto, "Dallas Buyers Club" Golden Globes, SAG, plus 25 more from crix orgs
Jennifer Lawrence, "American Hustle" Golden Globes, plus 10 more from crix orgs
Crix proclaimed it a masterpiece, only to treat the same play as no great shakes 20 years later in an LTC restaging.
Twenty or 30 years hence, however, these vehicles might need big names, especially if crix re-evaluate them downward, as they've done with several previous Tony winners.
This season, the combo of Denzel Washington and August Wilson's "Fences," not seen on Broadway in more than two decades, has WTSF written all over it, regardless of what the crix say.
critics had a mixed reaction to this "Cam-e-less" and the major obstacles to New York could be the Gotham crix, who tend to view musicals as plays with music (as if that latter ingredient were a secondary component).
In one major respect, a tuner like "Camelot" takes much guff from legit crix, whose opera comrades give a pass to an equally flawed work when staged at the Met.
Crix tend to like the fact that these pocket tuners excise lavish sets and costumes, as if the excess visual fat has been removed to expose the meat of the show.
Crix blasted it for aping "Britain's Got Talent" by putting on a frumpy, middle-age singer in the style of Susan Boyle, the British show's Scottish sensation.
Not only did "The Producers," "Hairspray," "Monty Python's Spamalot" and "Jersey Boys" heat up the box office, they won crix raves and Tonys.
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