CRKTColumbia River Knife and Tool (American knife company)
CRKTColumbian River Knives & Tools
CRKTCentre for Research and Knowledge Transfer (Bournemouth University; UK)
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CRKT makes 17 different knife models exclusively for Ruger, from fixed hunting knives to tactical folders, and many of their models are offered in several different styles.
He will be responsible for driving the innovation and strategic direction of the CRKT product offering, evolving the CRKT brand vision, setting clearly defined marketing strategies and priorities, and leading the marketing team to execute plans to reach CRKT's targeted consumers.
True to CRKT form, the Powder Keg is nicely priced leaving you coin left over for fun things like ammunition
Lucas has collaborated with Boker USA and CRKT (Columbia River Knife & Tool) on several projects with both fixed-blade and folder designs.
Inspired by RMJ Tactical's Ryan Johnson and his work with combat veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), CRKT has launched the Forged By War program--introducing three new tools designed by veterans.
Speaking of food prep, the CRKT HCK1 (designed by Karen Hood after her husband's passing) is specifically made for such.
Other industry companies that are members of the PNDC include Benchmade, Blade-Tech, CRKT, FLIR Systems and Leupold & Stevens.
The CRKT (Columbia River Knife & Tool) HCK1 is one of a few food-prep knives to explore this fertile ground, and it does so in spades.
CRKT is a modem company who is always literally on the cuttingedge of design, marketing and workmanship when it comes to all-things knife related.
The complete knife line was designed exclusively for Ruger by CRKT and is being built by CRKT.
A smaller Cordovan Lite is also available, plus a new Klecker Lock design was introduced by CRKT at the 2014 BLADE Show.
CRKT (knifemaker) and NAA (maker of cool small revolvers) have teamed up on this gun/knife/holster/sheath combo idea, and it's swell.