CRLBCramer-Rao Lower Bound
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It has been observed that the estimators perform best in data-aided scenario, while PDA and NDA estimators show greater error and achieve CRLB for larger values of SNR because of the presence of fading and detection errors.
In the CRLB, the ESPRIT-based TOA estimation is based on a single-tone sinusoid signal.
One point we should know is that our method doesn't reach the CRLB, the reason is that in noisy environment, the estimated optimal mixing matrices by BSE is not to recover the array matrix but to maximize the output SNR.
Simulation results are presented in Section 5 to illustrate the localization accuracy compared with CRLB and other methods.
The CRLB derivation of DPD for CD targets is given under the nested array in section 3.3.
Additionally, the localization results are similar to those of the CRLB (calculated by (24)) when the ratio of anchor nodes is equal to 5% (20 anchor nodes).
Through a large number of laboratory experiments and the engineering field experimental studies, the CRLB can also provide a constant support resistance in the process of deformation.
var(f) [greater than or equal to] 12/[(2[pi] x T).sup.2] x SNR x N x ([N.sup.2] - 1) = CRLB, (3)
As a matter of comparison, we computed the lower bound for the RMSE implied by the Cramer-Rao Lower Bound (CRLB).
Cramer-Rao Lower Bound (CRLB) method has been used to determine which method should be used for obtaining Power Spectral Density (PSD).
The authors wish to thank the CRIR, CERNEC, and Faculte des etudes superieures et postdoctorales de l'Universite de Montreal (scholarships to Jhon Alexander Moreno), the CRLB for partial funding of this study (grant to Michelle McKerral), and the participants who took part in the study.