CRLHComposite Right/Left-Handed
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MTM are effective homogeneous structures that can be modeled by one-dimensional transmission lines (TLs) of CRLH structures under the condition that the average cell size be smaller than the guided wavelength.
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In this paper, we present a wideband monopole antenna loaded with one CRLH unit cell for mobile applications.
Similar to the slotted-microstrip stub, the CPW open circuited shunt stub has dual CRLH behavior.
The CRLH TL is ideal in the sense that it transmits energy from dc to [infinity], and does not exist in nature, particularly because of its LH range.
In this paper, a compact UWB bandpass filter using modified CRLH unit cells is implemented.
A CRLH unit cell can be realized by incorporating lumped or distributed elements in series and parallel branches.
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Under differential-mode excitation, the symmetric metamaterial unit-cell behaves like a balanced CRLH unit-cell; it is supported by the series resonance frequency ([f.
Fully-distributed miniaturized ring coupler using CRLH based microstrip coupled-line structures has been reported in [9], where the area reduction up to 60% has been obtained.