CRLHComposite Right/Left-Handed
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For example, in [15, 16], the authors present CRLH LWA made of injected liquid crystals with the beam steering achieved through an external electric field.
The concept of composite right/left-hand (CRLH) MTM is introduced by Caloz et al.
Caloz, "Uniform ferrite-loaded open waveguide structure with CRLH response and its application to a novel backfire-to-endfire leaky-wave antenna," IEEE Trans.
In addition, a CRLH TL operating in ZOR mode is lossless because all points along the line are at the same voltage.
In this paper, we present a wideband monopole antenna loaded with one CRLH unit cell for mobile applications.
The proposed theory can be used to quickly assess the performance of coupled line based CRLH unit cells and to determine their LH and RH regions.
The CRLH TL is ideal in the sense that it transmits energy from dc to [infinity], and does not exist in nature, particularly because of its LH range.
In [10-17], composite right/left-handed (CRLH) metamaterial structure is demonstrated.
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