CRLH-TLComposite Right-/left-Handed Transmission Line
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where [Z.sub.sea] indicates the impedance of series arm and [Z.sub.sha] the admittance of the shunt arm of the equivalent circuit diagram of the CRLH-TL.
An equivalent circuit model for an ideal CRLH-TL unit cell is represented as the combination of a LH series capacitor [C.sub.LH], LH shunt inductor [L.sub.LH], and conventional RH-TL, as shown in Figure 1.
In this paper, two different Doherty power amplifiers are designed and implemented, DPA with traditional [lambda]/4 transmission line and DPA with CRLH-TL, experimental results and comparisons between the two DPAs are also presented.
Xiang, "A novel via less resonant type antenna based on composite right/left-handed transmission line (CRLH-Tl) unit cell with defected ground structure," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol.
In [25] a circuit model for the radial CRLH-TL structure is introduced and a circular patch antenna loaded with a CRLH-TL is analyzed.
A typical CRLH-TL dispersion is observed, with the frequency of the 0[degrees] phase shift (corresponding to the transition between the left- and right-handed bands) at [f.sub.0] = 14 GHz.
For the symmetric CRLH-TL filter using CRLH unit-cells, the corresponding common-mode equivalent circuit is composed of two series LC resonators and shunt capacitors, owing to the virtual open in the center line.
Propagation constant of CRLH-TL is determined by applying the periodic boundary conditions related to Bloch and Floquet theory.
The proposed CRLH-TL consists of a structure of spiral inter-digital and stub short line with via, whose radius is 0.25 mm.
On the other, the modified Wilkinson power divider proposed in [9] makes use of a one-stage Wilkinson power divider in combination with a conventional microstrip transmission line and a CRLH-TL whose unit cell is composed by [L.sub.L], [C.sub.L], [C.sub.R], and [L.sub.R].
To satisfy the demand, a CRLH-TL composed of lumped capacitors and inductors is constructed, which exhibits 0[degrees] phase shift every [[lambda].sub.0]/4.