CRLPCalifornia Reading and Literature Project
CRLPCenter for Reproductive Law and Policy
CRLPComposite Reinforced Line Pipe (gas transmission industry)
CRLPCoincidence of Reciprocal Lattice Point (engineering)
CRLPChylomicron Remnant-Like Particle (lipids)
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2002; Wagner, 2001; CLADEM, CRLP 1998; Jewkes, Abrahams, MVO, 1998; Nogueira, 1994), atraves, por exemplo, da imagem da mulher que deve aguentar a dor do parto como algo que ela e biologicamente capaz de suportar, e como o preco pelo suposto prazer sentido no ato sexual que deu origem aquela gestacao.
The decision not to collaborate with CRLP because of the acceptance of U.
In her "Declaration" for the CRLP, Aryeh Neier spelled out the agenda and its importance:
Smith, deputy director of litigation at the CRLP and one of the plaintiffs' attorneys, said that medical personnel at the hospital "became like a police officer searching a suspect" and that the searches were conducted specifically with the intent to arrest women.
The CRLP had successfully challenged Ohio's law, which was declared unconstitutional in December 1995 by U.
Noncontrolling Interest in CRLP (Operating Partnership Unitholders)
The Center for Reproductive Law and Policy (CRLP) and International Federation of Women Lawyers (Kenya), Women of the World: Laws and Policies Affecting Their Reproductive Lives, Anglophone Africa, New York: CRLP, 2001.
Similar to the Nebraska legislation, the federal bill would outlaw even the safest and most common abortion methods, and it does not guarantee that women will have access to the safest abortion methods, CRLP says.
The CRLP study found that eighty-three percent of plan handbooks stated that members could not obtain any services without a referral and could not seek services outside the plan's network of providers.
One example of a cooperative effort in this area is the case against Peru brought before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights by APRODEH, CEJIL, CRLP and CLADEM over forced sterilizations that occurred under the Fujimori government.
Poor men get all medically necessary care while poor women don't," CRLP attorney Bonnie Scott Jones said in court, the AP reported.