CRLPCalifornia Reading and Literature Project
CRLPCenter for Reproductive Law and Policy
CRLPChylomicron Remnant-Like Particle (lipids)
CRLPComposite Reinforced Line Pipe (gas transmission industry)
CRLPCoincidence of Reciprocal Lattice Point (engineering)
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It replaces CRLP's earlier USD675m unsecured revolving credit facility that was set to mature in June 2012.
Assim, no contexto de nossa pesquisa, vemos o entrelacamento destas representacoes de genero com a violencia institucional, como apontado por diversos estudos (Chiarotti et al., 2003; Hotimsky et al., 2002; Wagner, 2001; CLADEM, CRLP 1998; Jewkes, Abrahams, MVO, 1998; Nogueira, 1994), atraves, por exemplo, da imagem da mulher que deve aguentar a dor do parto como algo que ela e biologicamente capaz de suportar, e como o preco pelo suposto prazer sentido no ato sexual que deu origem aquela gestacao.
The Second Circuit affirmed the district court's dismissal of CRLP's claim on the grounds that the Mexico City Policy did not prohibit the organization from exercising its First Amendment rights.
This discriminatory practice violates women's rights under the provisions of Articles 6, 7 and 10 of the Covenant, ICESCR (CRLP, 1999).
The complaint spells out in detail the CRLP's strategy for using repetition of language in all UN conferences to help establish "a right to abortion in the United States and every other country on earth."
"Imagine the United States government saying you can't talk to people about your research exposing the causes of a disease in your country," CRLP's Ernst says indignantly.
833, 885-887 (1992); and Center for Reproductive Law and Policy (CRLP), The status of a woman's right to choose abortion, Reproductive Freedom in the States, Jan.
At least 200 women in more than 30 states have been arrested and criminally charged for allegedly using drugs during pregnancy, according to a briefing paper from the Center for Reproductive Law and Policy (CRLP), a nonprofit legal and advocacy organization based in New York City, which brought the lawsuit against the city in the Ferguson case.
(5) In October 1993, nearly two years after Ferguson's arrest, the Center for Reproductive Law and Policy (CRLP) in New York filed a class action suit in federal district court in South Carolina against Condon, MUSC, the City of Charleston, and others.(6) The plaintiffs demanded three million dollars in damages for the violation of several constitutional rights, including "the right to privacy in medical information, the right to refuse medical treatment, the right to procreate, and the right to equal protection of the laws regardless of race."(7) The defendants prevailed on these issues in the lower courts.
"They are deceptive, extreme, and unconstitutional measures intended to make abortion illegal throughout pregnancy," says Bonnie Scott Jones, a lawyer with the CRLP.
According to the Center for Reproductive Law & Policy (CRLP), 49% of large group health plans do not routinely cover any contraceptive method, and as few as 15% cover all five of the most common reversible methods: oral contraceptives, diaphragms, Depo Provera, IUDs, and Norplant.