CRLPCalifornia Reading and Literature Project
CRLPCenter for Reproductive Law and Policy
CRLPComposite Reinforced Line Pipe (gas transmission industry)
CRLPCoincidence of Reciprocal Lattice Point (engineering)
CRLPChylomicron Remnant-Like Particle (lipids)
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In her "Declaration" for the CRLP, Aryeh Neier spelled out the agenda and its importance:
CRLP borrowed $210 million under the new unsecured revolving credit facility at closing.
Based on a fact-finding mission by the CRLP and FWLD in Nepal in March 2001, it exposes the government's denial of Nepali women's right to safe and legal abortion and violation of the rights of those prosecuted under the abortion law.
An appellate court judge will now decide if the case may proceed to trial, a CRLP spokeswoman explained.
The CRLP was founded for the express purpose of establishing abortion as an enforceable human right worldwide.
CRLP used funds from asset dispositions and its unsecured credit facility to fund the repurchase.
4% Minority Interest Minority Interest of limited partners (229) - Minority Interest in CRLP - Preferred (1,813) (2,055) -11.
However, CRLP also expressed some very serious and well-founded fears that this measure may be part of a conservative strategy to limit the options of family planning in Peru, rooted in the Catholic Church's influence on leaders in the current government.
Minors who avoid talking to their parents about an unwanted pregnancy may do so to avoid violence or other problems, CRLP says.
CRLP attorney Kolbert knew what she was talking about: CRLP recently defended a woman in Pennsylvania who was convicted of violating the state's Interference with Custody of Children statute.
5% Minority Interest Minority Interest of limited partners (245) - Minority Interest in CRLP - Preferred (1,813) (2,218) -18.
In the lawsuit against the Global Gag Rule, CRLP argued that the policy violates the rights to free speech of those who defend human rights in the United States and abroad by prohibiting: use of the mass media to organize debates and public protests demanding the legalization of abortion or promoting safe abortion services; use of debates, meetings, protests or the media to publish or disseminate truthful information about abortion or in support of a less restrictive approach to abortion; expression of any opinion about abortion that is contrary to the official position of the U.