CRLSCambridge Rindge and Latin School (high school, Cambridge, Massachusettes)
CRLSCareer Related Learning Standard (Oregon)
CRLSColorado Rural Legal Services, Inc.
CRLSCoastguard Radio Liaison Station
CRLSCertified Renal Lithotripsy Specialist
CRLSCivil Rights Law Society (Columbia University)
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To achieve revocability, a CA or other TTP must provide valid digital certificates for pseudoIDs while maintaining the capability of rescinding certificates by updating and distributing a certificate revocation list (CRL) if requested by a proper authority.
It will also provide the agency with a checklist of all requirements related to LCs, DPs, CRLS of subdivision and condominium projects.
For example, when a CA states in its certification policy that the download time of a CRL list should not exceed 30 ms, the recommenders value should be the actual time, for example, 40 ms, and not its recommendation score, for example, a number between 0 and 1.
On the other hand, each CA uses software to generate public/private key pairs, issue the certificates, and manage the CRLs and life cycle of certificates.
CERTivity 1.2 features viewing Certificate Singing Request (CSR) files and Certificate Revocation Lists (CRL) from local files or from remote locations using various protocols like HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and even LDAP, new signature algorithms for Key Pair/CSR generation and for CSR signing, new Key Algorithms for Secret Key generation, support for file type inspection, more Fingerprints available in the Certificates Details sections, an improved certificates management in certificate chains, trust path validation and management via new options in the Options panel.
DoD CRLs are hosted on the Global Directory Service and are available on NIPRNet and SIPRNet.
Crls Watson, Sales Representative See Headquarters in Missouri
The FDA issued Complete Response letters (CRLs) to the companies in March 2010 and October 2010, they added.
In 2005, the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic (AECC), in conjunction with the British Chiropractic Association (BCA), introduced the 'Chiropractic Reporting and Learning System' (CRLS) to collect patient safety incident data from BCA members.
ComRent International, LLC, Owings, Md., a industry leader in load bank rentals and services, has engineered and launched the CRLS 11.5 kW load bank, a 19" rack-mountable load bank, weighing 56 lbs.