CRMFCertificate Request Message Format
CRMFChristian Radio Missionary Fellowship (Papua, New Guinea
CRMFCommunity Resource Management Framework (agriculture; various countries)
CRMFCancer Relief Macmillan Fund (UK)
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Recent approvals cover oilseed rapes Bayer MS8RF3 (March 2007) and Monsanto GT73 (August 2005), and maizes 1507 CRMF (November 2005) and Monsanto MON863 (August 2005).
Phase 1 consists of the DBFOM of the East Corridor, the DUS Signals, Switches, and Rail Segment, the CRMF, one section of the NWES, and procurement of the rolling stock.
The first stage of development includes the construction of East Rail Line, the CRMF, the purchase of electric multiple-unit trains and the installation of electrical systems at the Denver Union Station.