CRMGCASH (Celestial Asia Securities Holdings) Retail Management Group Ltd.
CRMGCAVAL (Cooperative Action by Victorian Academic Libraries) Risk Management Group (Australia)
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CRMG has a unique software delivery model that goes beyond software features and benefits.
Previously, CRMG needed to create customized reports and dashboards based on manually extracted data which was time consuming for the customer and provided a limited view into the CRM data.
Delivery of additional three STS cranes and 10 CRMGs will be done to the terminal for the second phase.
CRMGs, which can lift 40 tonnes, are unmanned and will be remotely controlled by an operator almost two miles away in a control centre using a joystick.
The CRMGs took 40 days to sail 12,000 nautical miles from Shanghai to Liverpool, arriving on May 1.