CRMLCold Rolled Motor Lamination (steel)
CRMLCardiac Rhythm Management Laboratory (University of Alabama, Birmingham)
CRMLContent Request Markup Language (programming language)
CRMLCold Rolled Magnetic Lamination (product)
CRMLCoalition for Responsible Mining Law (est. 1979)
CRMLCustomer Relationship Markup Language (computing)
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CRML is a major step towards achieving this, and we are confident that migrating its development to OASIS will result in the widest possible adoption of the standard.
CRML may enhance the value of ebXML as a robust standard," says Marcus Goncalves, CTO of Virtual Access Networks.
Webber of XML Global, another member of the OASIS CIQ Technical Committee agreed, adding, "We intend to keep CRML as a separate but related standard to xCIL and xNAL.
The measurements of the frozen samples by the four cRMLs enabled the assignment of total [T.
On the other hand, with respect to the number of 1-mL aliquots of the single-donation sera, the diagnostics industry should realize that these materials are available only in limited stock sizes (the certification process with the cRMLs and the stability study consumed ~90 of the 150 mL that was the maximum obtained per donation).
The outcome of the internal accuracy control further shows that the cRMLs were able to maintain the accuracy of their performance over a longer period with fulfillment of the 0.
However, because it is foreseeable that the needed RML capacity will be high in the near future, a second mechanism is required to ensure that different cRMLs perform at the same level of analytical quality.