CRMWACanadian River Municipal Water Authority (Texas)
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Mesa Water has offered to deliver water to CRMWA and Amarillo as a small, local part of a larger downstate project.
The water is also considered "surplus," since both CRMWA and Amarillo rejected it as not being needed in the Region A 50-year plan.
The permits put us on an equal footing with CRMWA and the City of Amarillo in that we now have the right to extract and export the water," he said.
Moreover, there is no projected demand for additional water in the area due to modest growth forecasts and the existence of the CRMWA and Amarillo acreage.
CRMWA already has in place a 322-mile line from Lake Meredith to Lamesa.
While these existing pipelines are now primarily carrying lake water, a new pipeline could be constructed parallel to the CRMWA line extending to Big Spring," said Pickens.