CRNetResearch Network of Costa Rica (academic network; telecommunications)
CRNetCatholic Resource Network (now Eternal World Television Network)
CRNetClinical Research Network
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Wal-Mart expects a team of logistics and merchandising experts to complete a preliminary assessment of the CRnet initiative this month.
Following the expansion work, CRNet will offer a 10G link connecting Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and 125 other Chinese cities, making it one of the world's largest broadband networks.
CRNet is a high-speed public network, offering a range of integrated services including dial-up and DDN access, as well as value-added services like VPN, VPDN, IP voice, and video conferencing.
When this second phase expansion is completed, CRNet will be one of the largest broadband IP networks in the world.
The construction of broadband networks like CRNet will eliminate bottlenecks and allow operators to move ahead of subscriber growth.
The university is host to Costa Rica's CRnet Research and Education network, and Teleglobe's satellite link also will provide access to Internet content for other schools and universities that are part of the CRnet network.
We are pleased that the University of Costa Rica has underscored our leadership role by selecting Teleglobe to provide CRnet participants with fast and reliable access to the best content on the Internet.