CRNMCaribbean Regional Negotiating Machinery
CRNMCollege of Registered Nurses of Manitoba (Canada)
CRNMClinically Relevant Non-Major Bleeding
CRNMCertified Registered Nurse Midwife
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CRNM was defined as clinically overt bleeding that did not satisfy the criteria for major bleeding and that led to hospital admission, physician-guided medical or surgical treatment, or a change in antithrombotic therapy.
In this multinational, dose-finding study of 508 patients with non-valvular atrial fibrillation or atrial flutter and at least one risk factor for stroke, a once daily dose of betrixaban 40 mg (n=127) demonstrated significantly less major and CRNM bleeding than open label warfarin (n=127, p=0.
The primary study endpoint was the time to occurrence of major or CRNM bleeding.