CRNSCommunity Recycling Network for Scotland (UK)
CRNSCritical Response Notification System (software)
CRNSComplex Residue Number System (mathematics)
CRNSCorps Reserve Nuclear Stocks
CRNSClose Range No Scope (Call of Duty)
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The bill precludes a party from filing a Civil Remedy Notice (CRN) for 60 days after appraisal is invoked in a residential insurance dispute.
Most importantly, the proposed CR-NOMA system is superior to conventional CRNs in terms of OP in the whole SNR regime.
This paper focuses on the problem of designing the placement scheme of CRNs to satisfy the demand of MAV/UAV cooperative engagement system.
Currently, the CRNS is the only Lebanese institution with a research vessel equipped to conduct tests along the coast.
pylori-related chronic gastritis who carried the homozygous G/G genotype of MDM2 SNP309 and to investigate the association of MDM2 SNP309 G/G homozygosity with advanced colorectal neoplasia (CRN) susceptibility in the Thai population.
CRNs have an important role in supporting and monitoring the integrity of studies and ensuring the safety of volunteers and protecting their rights and interests.
The majority of the literature related to the development and use of CRNs aims to predict the emissions of combustion systems accurately.
In this paper, we investigate spectrum allocation for multihop and multichannel transmissions of energy-harvesting CRNs in the presence of jamming attacks.
On the card, the following information will be available: the cardholder's Common Reference Number (CRN), full name, a front-facing photograph, sex, birth date, birthplace, permanent address, blood type and a barcode.
Crustaceans possess chemoreceptor neurons (CRNs) that are well tuned to stimuli of main interest: predatory crustaceans are preferentially sensitive to nitrogen-containing compounds (Zimmer-Faust, 1993; Derby and Sorensen, 2008; Schmidt and Mellon, 2011), while herbivores or omnivores are sensitive to carbohydrates (Trott and Robertson, 1984; Rittschof and Buswell, 1989; Corotto and O'Brien, 2002; Corotto et al., 2007; Solari et al., 2015).
In [13], particle swarm optimization (PSO) is proposed for sensing in CRNs. Genetic Algorithm (GA) and PSO are used for resource allocation.