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CROCConfederación Revolucionaria de Obreros y Campesinos (Spanish: Confederation of Workers and Peasants, Mexico)
CROCConvention on the Rights of the Child
CROCChâteau-Thierry Rugby Omois Club (France)
CROCCommittee on the Rights of the Child (UN)
CROCCommittee for Rejection of Obnoxious Commercials
CROCConstitution of the Republic of China
CROCCentro Regional de Observancia Y Convergencia (Spanish; Guatemala)
CROCCombat Required Operational Capability
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Croc Martens would come in handy because not only would you be wearing a combination of two popular brands but the holes in the crocs would give your feet ventilation.
When the croc is about to hatch, they make chirping sounds within the the egg shell.
Paul Hamilton, General Manager and Curator, Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, said: "The successful hatching of the baby crocs highlights the conducive environment that Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo offers to King Croc and his companion, and how effortlessly they have adapted to their home in Dubai.
But Queen Croc, also known as Missy, has only gone and landed herself a toy boy.
Crocs recently reported a 162% surge to pounds 111m in 2007 second quarter sales, with profits almost tripling to pounds 24m.
The croc was attacking and he was screaming, saying 'Get the baby, get the baby'.
Croc 2 also features the Gobbo tribes as this time Croc searches for his long-lost parents.
The rope is attached to a scale, which Frank is using to weigh a baby croc.
She laid 59 eggs, and the long incubation process finally came to an end, even as her extraordinary partner, King Croc eagerly anticipated the arrival of their little ones.
King Croc and Queen Croc have been busy preparing for the arrival of the baby crocs.
Crocs are made from proprietary closed-cell resin material, which the company often refers to as croslite, that feels nearly weightless.