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CROCUSCenter for Research on Children in the United States (est. 2001; Georgetown University; Washington, DC)
CROCUSCost of the energy service Related to Overall efficiency with incentives for infrastructure at Unchanged Service
CROCUSConjugate Reconstruction by Off-Center Under-Sampling (radiology)
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Some must have the flowering crocus, the wood-starring dogwood, the voice of bluebird--even so gross a reminder as the farewell handshake of the retiring buckwheat and oyster before they can welcome the Lady in Green to their dull bosoms.
Crocus would that evening deliver a lecture on Phrenology for the benefit of the Belleville public; at a charge, for admission, of so much a head.
Doctor Crocus is here, gentlemen, the celebrated Dr.
Upon which Doctor Crocus, who is a tall, fine-looking Scotchman, but rather fierce and warlike in appearance for a professor of the peaceful art of healing, bursts out of the concourse with his right arm extended, and his chest thrown out as far as it will possibly come, and says:
Whereupon Doctor Crocus and I shake hands; and Doctor Crocus looks as if I didn't by any means realise his expectations, which, in a linen blouse, and a great straw hat, with a green ribbon, and no gloves, and my face and nose profusely ornamented with the stings of mosquitoes and the bites of bugs, it is very likely I did not.
Doctor Crocus makes no verbal answer, but gives me an imploring look, which says so plainly 'Will you ask me that again, a little louder, if you please?
Doctor Crocus looks round upon the crowd to observe the effect he produces, rubs his hands, and says, in a very loud voice:
As Doctor Crocus says these latter words, he shakes his head, knowingly, and laughs again.
This deal is the natural continuation of the close cooperation between Crocus Group, which consists of more than 40 companies, and Sberbank and will enable our company to take its construction operations to the next level.
This season I am planting some of the species Crocus chrysanthus.
Ideally, you won't mow the lawn again until around May so the leaves of the crocus have had time to photosynthesise and gather enough energy for next year's display.
That doesn't need to be the end of the story because there are autumn crocuses to follow - Colchicumautumnale, its common name Meadow Saffron causing it to be confused with the saffron-producing crocus variety C.