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CROESUSNavy Plan for Copernicus
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But Julia keeps no diary in these days; never sings Affection's Dirge; eternally quarrels with the old Scotch Croesus, who is a sort of yellow bear with a tanned hide.
On the invitation of Croesus he fixed his residence at Sardis, and was employed by that monarch in various difficult and delicate affairs of State.
The old ruffian is as rich as Croesus. It's a country-place in town."
It is money you love, and not the man; and were Croesus and his footman to change places you know, you poor rogue, who would have the benefit of your allegiance.
your brother Ned is getting richer than Croesus by railway speculations; they call him in the Piece Hall a stag of ten; and I have heard from Brown.
Release date- 03092019 - SoCalGas will begin a pipeline installation project in the vicinity of Imperial Highway and Croesus Avenue starting on September 3rd.
Croesus was known for his great wealth and for issuing the first true gold coins with standardized purity for general circulation.
At the same time as Tabalus became governor, a native Lydian, Pactyes, became Treasurer, and keeper of the fabled wealth of Croesus. It seems contradictory to me for a new conqueror to sympathize with local interests with one high appointment of a native while imposing an ethnic Persian governor upon the people.
The company also mentioned that it has been an active investor in the Japanese real estate market since 2010 and has committed to and/or invested in USD5.7bn of total transaction value that includes the acquisition of the GE Japan residential portfolio, the privatisation of Japan Residential Investment Corporation, the proposed privatisation of Croesus Retail Trust and the proposed acquisition of the real estate portfolio from Astro Japan Property Trust.
In just one page of one essay in Patrick Maddens new collection Sublime Physick, the author chisels away at a block quote of Nietzsche, lines from Dante as translated by Longfellow, a verse from the Psalms, and a remark from Solon, the Greek reformer who reprimands Croesus in book one of Herodotus's Histories.
Score 20 goals in the Premier League nowadays and you're a demigod, an 'all-time great' to be lauded, admired and rewarded with a level of riches that would make Croesus blush.
Score 20 goals in the Premier League nowadays and you're an 'all-time great' to be lauded and rewarded with a level of riches that would make Croesus blush.