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In turn, managers who desire to bring about changes in their organizations often discover that listening to the ideas of subordinates is an effective strategy in securing acceptance of the proposed changes (Crol, 2000).
PEACE TEAM: Pupils Ursule Crol, left, Jenny Dagnall, Claudia Sfortd, Daryl Pollard, Megan Hindley, Federica De Rugeriis and Jasmin Nagi with the mosaic path Picture: TRACEY O'NEILL
Here Lind rejects the view of Crol and others who have argued that America is unique among states in owing its coherence to a set of core beliefs or ideas.
Ro'n i wedi ei glywed yn canu o'r blaen, ond yn ei morio hi ar crol coleg gan amlaf.
En su practica, se consideran cuatro estilos o tecnicas de nado (crol, espalda, braza y mariposa), cada uno de los cuales requiere un trabajo muscular distinto.
Owner Giorgio Crol la agreed to close the premises for cleaning and to have the pest infestation removed.
(13.) De Deyn PP Saxena VK, Abts H, Borggreve F, D'Hooge R, Marescau B, Crols R.