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CROMConfederación Regional Obrera Mexicana (Spanish: Regional Confederation of Mexican Workers, Mexico)
CROMRegional Confederation of Mexican Workers
CROMCervical Range of Motion
CROMCentre de Réadaptation de l'Ouest de Montréal (French: Rehabilitation Center of West Montreal; Quebec, Canada)
CROMControl Read-Only Memory
CROMControlled Range of Motion (walker)
CROMCat Rescue of Maryland, Inc.
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There were slightly more deviations of measurements between IOHT and CROM than the researchers expected in 3-D movement of the head, which the researchers contribute to the structural nature of CROM rather than inaccurate measurement of IOHT.
It's not too bad when the waves are rolling like they are today," Crom said.
Research by Crom el al indicates that craniopharyngioma survivors have a great deal of anxiety about
Crom and Sweeney believe that transitioning between long-term follow-up and community care is challenging, especially for survivors who lack resources.
Veterinarian Randy Crom was in the right place at the right time when he was invited to take part in the most exciting project of his career.
If you thought it was all terribly prim and proper then consider this little sketch by Crom Price, another of the Birmingham Set, describing a Saturday night walk in the Black Country: 'In the last three miles I counted more than 30 lying dead drunk on the ground, more than half of them women.
The one-party state also controlled the Congress of Labor (CT) and the Confederation of Mexican Workers (CTM) and the other "official" labor federations (CROC, CROM, etc.
Evans WE, Rodman JH, Relling MV, Crom WR, Rivera GK, Pratt CB, Crist WM.
Tenders are invited for Cushioned Chair For Visitor With Arms Sheet And Back Cushioned In Crom Frame Sheet Size 18 Inch And Height 18 Inch S/Q
idyllic setting Crom Castle in Fermanagh and, below, snowfall near Omagh
Partnering with Northern Illinois Food Bank to implement the Milk 2 My Plate program exemplifies our commitment to being good neighbors and making sure fresh, delicious and nutritious milk is available for families to enjoy every single day," said Geary Crom, Prairie Farms General Manager.