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The international doctrine (Bodin, Crona, 2009: 9-15) has identified the existence of social networks as a common and important denominator in cases where different stakeholders have come together to effectively deal with different social, economical or environmental problems, sometimes the role of internet and social networks being more important than the classical institutions, even if these ones are functioning in conditions of stability and transparency.
More recent, studies showed that the locals have their own understanding on the meanings of natural capital, and given proper channels, their articulations has helped to generate more localised programme for natural resources conservation (Honey 2008, Stanza & Gordillo 2008, Bodin & Crona 2008).
We appreciate Staffan Crona and Transjoinc AB, Sweden, who provided the carbon fiber ionizer and the ion meter used in the experiments.
The Himachal Wildlife Project: Report on status and conservation of Wildlife in Himachal Pradesh, Western Himalayas, University of Maine, Crona, U.S.A.
He showed tremendous middle pace to surge past the leaders by the seventh bend but was tracked through by Ian Mills's local Handsome Crona, who put in a determined challenge on the run-in, only failing by a length.
Kathleen is in London at the moment with our daughter Suzy and our son-in-law and I'll be seeing Crona and Phil and their two in Clare this weekend.
Now, researchers Victor Galaz, Beatrice Crona, Vrjan Bodin, Magnus Nystrvm and Per Olsson, and Tim Daw from the School of International Development at UEA, have explored the possibilities of using information posted on the Internet to detect ecosystems on the brink of change.
In the second of a two part documentary about the star, Gay Byrne speaks about his insecurities and reveals how his biggest fear was becoming unemployed and not being able to provide for wife Kathleen and daughters Crona and Suzy.